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Bonwood Bowl
Salt Lake City, UT

A giant neon sign topped with an 8-foot tall bowling pin with a bowling ball in Salt Lake Valley’s was an icon for the past six decades, until allegedly damaged by a drunk driver in October 2018. Lacking insurance, it was up to the family to pay out of pocket for any repairs. The sign has since been restored with more than $25,000 spent. A ceremonial unveiling of the new 42-foot sign, located on 2500 S. Main, will be held Tuesday 2/19/2019. Emma Dugal, vice president of Bonwood Bowl, stated “For a fraction of the cost, we could have put up just a generic sign in its place, but we have owned Bonwood since it opened in 1957 and just over all these years, (the sign) has been just an identity of the bowling center."

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