Photo Credit: 
Bob Harenda
Goldmann's Sign At Risk
Milwaukee, WI

A 24-foot-tall, 800-pound neon sign in Milwaukee is drawing attention as locals scramble to raise funds in order to preserve it. The attached business has since closed, but the local Historic Preservation Commission has taken steps to have the sign relocated to a city-designated historic district. Former neighborhood alderman Jim Witkowiak and Old Milwaukee Facebook group leader Adam Levin are leading the preservation effort. The sign originally sat behind Goldmann’s for over a year before a sign collector brought it to North Dakota. Levin crowdfunded $2,000 in late 2017 to buy the sign and had it returned to Milwaukee. Reinstallation of the sign is proving to be tricky because the former business no longer exists, which means the city does not recognize the piece as commercial signage instead categorizing it as an art installation.

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