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Matt Cohn
V.I.P. Sign Still Remains
Long Beach, CA

VIP Records, the place where Snoop Dog recorded his first demo that launched his career, is the subject of a petition to launch a VIP Museum and Creative Arts and Technology Center in Long Beach, CA.  The sign was posted on eBay in 2015, but failed to reach the minimum bid of $50,000.  Owner Kevin Anderson can no longer maintain the lease on the store and is discussing a possible museum with the City of Long Beach.

Update 6/30/17The Long Beach City Council voted unanimously to approve the transfer of $80,000 in discretionary funds from the Sixth District to aid in the costs associated with removing, preserving and temporarily storing the VIP Records sign.  The fate of the sign had been up in the air in recent months as owner Kevin Anderson and the city had been in disagreement as to the future of the sign.  An agreement for a permanent home for the sign is pending.

Update 10/29/17:  After some resistance and considerable confusion, a 7-Eleven is moving into the V.I.P. Records building.  Despite the City Council's agreement to fund $80,000 to remove, preserve, and restore it, the sign remains.  The Cultural Heritage Commission will hear a presentation on designating the sign as a historic landmark on November 13, and a recommendation will be sent to the City Council.    

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