Signs & Stars
Saturday, March 16, 2019

Signs & Stars

The Cincinnati Observatory is leading a project called 52 Weeks of Astronomy where they will bring telescopes to all of Cincinnati’s 52 Neighborhoods in 2019. We are happy to have been chosen as one of their stops.
Rocket through space and sail among billions of stars and galaxies. Utilizing some amazing simulation software, Cincinnati Observatory astronomer Dean Regas guides you through the mind-boggling scale of the universe. Along the way you’ll stop at the Moon and individual planets. Then you’ll make the jump to light speed and head to interstellar space and see all the galaxies in the universe.

Event info:
6-9 pm
Half price tickets for this event, free for members, and free for kids 12 and under.
Cash Bar

7pm- Explore the museum, get drinks, check out the Cincinnati Observatory table

7:30pm- Telescopes set up outside to view the Moon

8:00pm- Look at stars and a variety of objects (weather permitting)

8:30pm- Guided star gaze of the stars and constellations