ASM Maker Series: Screen Printing
Thursday, February 27, 2020

Welcome Pull Club to the American Sign Museum for a ScreenPrinting Class!

Pull Club is a girl powered printmaking and design studio in Cincinnati, Ohio. Made up of three artists Amy Scarpello, Chelsey Hughes, and Linda Winder. Pull Club focuses on textile and paper print goods, with screen printing as the central process to creation. All projects are handmade in our clubhouse studio, located in Camp Washington.

See more of their work on their website:

Pull Club will start the class with a demonstration and lecture to explain the art of screenprinting. Students will then have the opportunity to create their own piece inspired by a sign within the Sign Museum.

Tickets are $75 for the individual class. Series pricing is $200 for all three classes: Sign Painting 101, Acrylic Paint Pouring, and Screenprinting.

Tickets include everything required for the class. Students will leave the class with a piece of art they create during the class! A cash bar will be available. Outside alcohol is prohibited.