Accession Number: 2000.0020.0001


Satellite Shopland Lightbulb Sign
Object Height: 
6 ft. globe; 7 ft. spikes
Object Width: 
6 ft. globe; 7 ft. spikes
Object Depth: 
6 ft. globe; 7 ft. spikes
Object Weight: 
600 lbs. (est.)
Object Received Date: 
Status Location: 
Center of Plastic Sign area
1950 - 1959
Object Description: 

Designed and constructed in the garage of a local metalworker, it is composed of a 6-ft. diameter plastic globe with 11 metal spikes, each of which has a light bulb at its point. The identifying text consists of open channel letters spelling out the name of the former Anaheim shopping center in incandescent bulbs. The sign is currently mounted on a 48-in. steel-framed, wheeled support for portability sake.


Very Good

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State of Origin: 
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