West Coast Bar-B-Q Heads to Beantown for a Makeover

7 November


This grand sign once heralded Store #5, thought to have been located just blocks from the Peterson Car Museum in Los Angeles. When it came to us, already in disrepair, it suffered further indignities at the hands of passers-by while it waited in the Essex Studios parking lot for a home at our new site. We eventually were able to move it and other equally defaced signs to the new site, but the damage was done.

Imagine our delight when Andy Puopolo, owner of East Coast Sign Company, Inc. of Stoneham, Massachusetts, asked about restoring a sign for the museum. We suggested Chris’ & Pitt’s, and he agreed.

That was the easy part. Getting it to Andy was another matter entirely! The height of the sign measured 13′ 4″ on the trailer, making for anticipated tight squeezes under overpasses and sundry cables. Wishing to visit sign shops along the way added to the adventure, resulting in some long-distance backing up and just a few go-arounds!

The weight of the sign made for additional fun in removing it from the trailer, but it’s now, waiting patiently at its adopted home to be brought back to life again.

I should aso mention that John Brandmeier, Sales Manager of Matthews Paint, had offered to provide the paint gratis for future museum restorations. Chris’ & Pitt’s will be the first such project.

The sign needs a total re-paint, in addition to neon repair of the vintage noviol gold glass in the open channel letters and the blue border tubes. Can’t wait to see it back to its former self again!  Stay tuned…

In the meantime we have several other signs waiting to be adopted. If you’re interested in restoring a sign – or paying to have a sign restored – give me a call (513-258-4020) or send me an email. I’m sure we can find a perfect match for you!

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