Imagine Twice the Fun

5 February

Yahoo!  Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we’ve raised the $325,000 needed to replace the roof over the museum’s 19,800 square feet of unfinished space – or as we call it, the Annex.  We completed the first phase just in time for  the Letterheads meet last September, and the second and final phase will begin in March – as soon as the weather breaks.

And thanks to our friends at the Cincinnati-based Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr. /US Bank Foundation, the sprinkler system in the Annex is now up to code, and the outdated fluorescent fixtures have been replaced with more energy-efficient – and brighter – lighting, which the Letterheads definitely appreciated.

The Annex has served admirably as our indoor warehouse, and now that the space is weather-tight, we can begin to think about expanding the museum proper and more than doubling our exhibit space.  So now the fun begins.

Much as you love the American Sign Museum, imagine it twice it current size.  An expanded Main Street stretching 300 ft. vs. the present 120 ft.  More storefronts to show off more signs in context; more window exhibits to display the museum’s expanding collection; maybe room for a second working commercial sign shop, and definitely open space for changing exhibits.  Now imagine helping to make it happen.  We welcome your ideas.  And we need your support.


We did it once…



After image


Help us do it again.

Read more about our vision for building out the Annex.

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