See Rock City Barn Side Comes to the Museum

29 November
Preparing to take down second section2

When museum founder, Tod Swormstedt, got word of a barn coming down in Spencer County, Kentucky – a barn with a See Rock City advertisement on it – he immediately went to see it and put together a team to save it.

See Rock City close up

Rock City, in Chattanooga, Tennessee is in some ways best known for its barn advertising. Like the Mail Pouch barns, they once dotted the landscape far and wide.  But now, like the Mail Pouch barns, they are disappearing.  This particular barn was coming down to accommodate a highway project.

The museum team, consisting of Tod, Master Craftsman Sean Druley, and Joe Civitello and Tyler Hamilton, both exhibit builders and installers for Cincinnati’s Contemporary Art Center, removed the sections and at times the individual planks one-by-one and brought them back to the museum to be re-installed near the 50-ft. Mail Pouch barn already preserved within the museum.

Staff of the Louisville Courier-Journal were on hand to capture it all.  Enjoy this wonderful video they created.

3 Responses to "See Rock City Barn Side Comes to the Museum"

  1. I had seen See Rock City signs along the highway years ago when traveling with my parents as a child but had never been there until we went there this summer while visiting our daughter in Chattanooga. What a surprise when we saw the Rock City sign when we visited the museum today! We really are happy to see all of the great signs preserved and on display!

  2. American Sign Museum says:

    Thanks for your comment Pam. The barn wall is now on display. Come see it!

  3. Pam Collins says:

    I went to Rock City in 1958 as a 7 year old and Mom and Dad forced me to walk across the swinging bridge there (I have a photo showing me holding on for dear life!) It will be good to see the “See Rock City” barn in a safe home there. Yesterday 1-11-15 was our 1st visit- we REALLY enjoyed it.

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