Imagine Twice the Fun

5 February
Yahoo!  Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we’ve raised the $325,000 needed to replace the roof over the museum’s 19,800 square feet of unfinished space – or as we call it, the Annex.  We completed the first phase just in time for  the Letterheads meet last September, and the second and final phase will begin in March – as soon as the weather breaks. And thanks to our friends at the Cincinnati-based Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr. /US Bank Foundation,...

A Sign Waits in Brooklyn…

20 January
Crown Deli - Brooklyn
Thanks to Jeff Friedman and the gang at Let There Be Neon, we have acquired a one-time Brooklyn icon—the Crown Deli sign. The sign was taken down by Aron Fixler, Boro Park Signs of Brooklyn, and offered to the museum as a donation, but the donor had no place to store it. We contacted our old buddy at Let There Be Neon to see if he could come to the rescue;  that is, retrieve the sign and store it until the weather breaks...

Who Ya Gonna Call? The Maier Brothers!

11 December
Anyone who follows the museum on a regular basis will know the name, “United-Maier Signs.”  Often alluded to as the museum’s “go-to guys” for anything relating to fabrication, installation of or local takedowns, the sign company has donated immeasurable hours and materials in getting the museum to where it is today.  Here are just a few examples of their work with the museum over the years.                   Although it is a shop effort – and we...

Time to See What’s New

25 November
Nystrom Jewelers
We have made a number of acquisitions in recent months, including several large signs. The museum acquired the Moesch Edwards sign in a trade with local striper, Josh Shaw of Shaw Signs, Milford, OH.  The sign had been taken down by a Moesch family member and kept for more than a decade with the idea of restoring it.  I had at one-time approached the family about acquiring the sign, but nothing doing.  So it sat leaning against a concrete pillar for an overpass along...

10 Events for 10 Years. Next Up: Holiday Bazaar!

10 October
Holiday Inn - ten years
This year we have been commemorating 10 years of being open to the public by creating 10 new ways to learn about and explore the magic of signs and their stories. “10 Celebrations for 10 Years” has included events designed to offer something fun and entertaining for everyone.  Our final event: Next up:   Holiday Bazaar at the Museum’s Gift Shop. November 2015.  All month. Start you holiday shopping early for your favorite sign-lover. Save 10% in November on all...