“The Sky’s the Limit If You Have a Roof Over Your Head.”

24 September
Roof Repair Begins
Pardon the pun, but we’ve received a sign.  No, not that kind of sign.  While we were busy planning the build-out of the museum annex, the annex roof was busy decaying.  Recent torrential downpours have brought the roof to a critical point, and we need to act now to secure it.  Estimated cost:  $325,000. This is a good thing.  It’s easy to get complacent and focus on the status quo.  But the vision is not yet complete, and this was just the thing...

Coming in October: The Annual National Signage Research and Education Conference, Focusing This Year on Regulatory Issues

1 September
National Signage Research and Education Conference
The Signage Foundation, in partnership with the University of Cincinnati, will be presenting this year’s National Signage Research and Education Conference (NSREC) on October 8-9, 2014.  Based on their STAR initiative (see below), this year’s focus will be on Regulation issues in the sign industry.  The American Sign Museum will host the afternoon sessions and a reception on October 8th. From The Signage Foundation’s website:  NSREC, sponsored by The Signage Foundation, Inc., (SFI) and the University of Cincinnati (UC) Colleges of Business...

The Writing on the Wall

1 August
finished mural 2
Long ago, in a town called Denver, seven sign painters gathered to share their knowledge of their craft.  Exchanging well-kept trade secrets was indeed a new concept, and they welcomed this new-found opportunity to share ideas with people of like mind and the fellowship it brought.  It was a dark time though, with no internet or social media or even email.  Still, word of their goings-on spread across the land with the help of people like American Sign Museum founder...

Bruce ‘Wild Man’ Suba – Master of Glass, Heart of Gold

28 July
Bruce and Crackle Tubes
by Museum Founder, Tod Swormstedt Bruce Suba, Suba Neon of Scotts Valley, CA has been a good friend of the museum from the very beginning.  In fact his connection to founder Tod Swormstedt dates back to a 1984 cover story in Signs of the Times which featured Suba’s neon spark plug wires on a 1932 Ford hot rod. Bruce’s first experience with glass was in 1979 doing stained glass, and his day job may be scientific glassblowing, but he’s equally...

She’s Heere…

27 July
Dodge lettering design
In late 2012, the Quiel family of Quiel Signs in San Bernadino, California offered to donate their vintage crane truck to the museum, much to the delight of OUR family.  The fact that it was in California created some logistical issues, but we’re happy to say it has now arrived, neatly shrink-wrapped, missing only a big red bow. Bruce Suba, our Left Coast go-to guy, coordinated the shipping and shrink-wrapping of the 1944 Dodge crane truck.  He not only researched car carrier shippers...