See Rock City Barn Side Comes to the Museum

29 November
Preparing to take down second section2
When museum founder, Tod Swormstedt, got word of a barn coming down in Spencer County, Kentucky – a barn with a See Rock City advertisement on it – he immediately went to see it and put together a team to save it. Rock City, in Chattanooga, Tennessee is in some ways best known for its barn advertising. Like the Mail Pouch barns, they once dotted the landscape far and wide.  But now, like the Mail Pouch barns, they are disappearing....

CoSign: Educating Artists and Business Owners

29 November
CoSign Covington - A Shop for Gentlemen
Written by American Sign Museum Founder, Tod Swormstedt.  Photos courtesy Queen City Project. The museum continued its educational outreach objectives in completing the third segment of CoSign, a nationally funded program.  This past September 28, we unveiled nine new signs for Covington, KY area businesses in conjunction with the annual Art Off Pike celebration.  This third segment represented a departure from the two previous CoSigns.  For the first time the project moved out of the trendy Northside area of Cincinnati...

On the Road with Tod – Fall 2014

24 November
written by American Sign Museum Founder Tod Swormstedt The museum has made a number of acquisitions since the last newsletter, mostly courtesy of two shows.  We recently went to the Hershey car show for the first time, and while we didn’t find any car-related signs, we were able to find a late 1960s Plasti-line vacuum-formed sign. We also found these wonderful examples of hand-lettered—make that, hand-scrawled—signs in a vendor booth at the show.  Very nice.  One for the portfolios, I’m...

“The Sky’s the Limit If You Have a Roof Over Your Head.”

24 September
Roof Repair Begins
Pardon the pun, but we’ve received a sign.  No, not that kind of sign.  While we were busy planning the build-out of the museum annex, the annex roof was busy decaying.  Recent torrential downpours have brought the roof to a critical point, and we need to act now to secure it.  Estimated cost:  $325,000. This is a good thing.  It’s easy to get complacent and focus on the status quo.  But the vision is not yet complete, and this was just the thing...

Coming in October: The Annual National Signage Research and Education Conference, Focusing This Year on Regulatory Issues

1 September
National Signage Research and Education Conference
The Signage Foundation, in partnership with the University of Cincinnati, will be presenting this year’s National Signage Research and Education Conference (NSREC) on October 8-9, 2014.  Based on their STAR initiative (see below), this year’s focus will be on Regulation issues in the sign industry.  The American Sign Museum will host the afternoon sessions and a reception on October 8th. From The Signage Foundation’s website:  NSREC, sponsored by The Signage Foundation, Inc., (SFI) and the University of Cincinnati (UC) Colleges of Business...