Name That Icon – February 2013 Edition

6 February

Burma Shave signs




Who doesn’t know the fifth sign in the sequence? This edition – in fact this year – we are dedicating our Name That Icon ‘column’ to honoring the single most asked about phenomenon at the American Sign Museum – Burma Shave signs. This year marks the 50th anniversary of their demise, and we think that deserves some special attention. First up, tell us a story. Favorite rhymes. Sunday drives. Little known facts. Did you ever actually USE Burma Shave? Curious minds want to know. Send us your story, and we’ll post our favorites on our website

2 Responses to "Name That Icon – February 2013 Edition"

  1. Burma Shave – my grandpa would recite the advertisements all the time!

  2. bob canning says:

    I was and still am an old retired sign painter and my shop was located
    in the Cincinnati area. One after noon, on a day off I came across an
    old wood shelf while garage sale hunting. It was painted white had
    some red and what I thought was white partial lettering bleeding
    through. The shelf was too cheap to pass up and I needed more shelf
    space for my paints so I bought it. After further investigation at my
    shop, I realized the old boards were original “Burma Shave” signs.
    Well to make a long story short, I returned to the house where I
    bought the shelf to tell them of what i discovered and the lady told
    me her father drove an oil delivery truck and would pick up those old
    weathered sign boards as they lay in the brush. I told her they were
    a bit more valuable then what I paid for the shelf and offered her
    additional money but she reclined and was just glad I would try to
    bring them back to life. I took the shelf apart and placed the boards
    outside and after a month or so the rain washed most of the white
    paint off. Still have most of them today hanging in my barn. bob
    (coop) canning

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