Letterheads 40 – Keepers of the Craft Coming to the American Sign Museum

Important dates coming soon: 

  • Discounted hotel room blocks aren’t guaranteed after August 24. But it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Onsite registration will be available for General Meet Activities Only.  It will not include workshops, the Saturday night banquet, or other complimentary meals.  Register onsite at the museum Wednesday afternoon or early evening or at anytime during the event.

 The American Sign Museum is proud to host the 40th Anniversary National Letterheads meet:


It all began 40 years ago in Denver… Now join us for the 40th Anniversary of the Letterheads phenomenon.  There’s lots in store:

  • Letterhead University, offering workshops covering a wide range of topics, with an emphasis on traditional techniques and design. The instructor roster is a veritable Who’s Who in the Letterhead World! (note:  Workshops signup is now closed)
  • WALLS! Teams are being coordinated to work on a 100-foot wall adjacent to the museum’s property – Walldog style! But there will be work for anyone who’s interested in joining in.
  • Panel jams, vendors, everyone and everything you would expect at a national meet.
  • Memorabilia. In 40 years of local, regional, national, and international meets, you can be sure folks have collected keepsakes from them all. Everyone is invited to bring their treasures from past meets to share in a Letterhead Timeline display.
  • General Sharing and Learning.  Share your portfolios.  Ask questions.  Share and learn skills, techniques, tips and tricks.
  • Introductions and Reunions. Many beloved veterans will be on hand, as will newcomers anxious to share their passion with the like-minded artists they’re sure to find at the meet. Everyone is family at a Letterhead meet. You never know what conversations, demonstrations, discussions, projects, and new friendships will arise in the spirit that is the Letterheads.

The event will be open to the public Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  Cost is $10.00.

Want to know more? Visit www.letterheads40.com for details (we strongly recommend reviewing the FAQ’s) and follow the conversation on Facebook.