The American Dream – Down Under

8 July

Life can change on a dime.  Sometimes for the good.  Sometimes not.  And sometimes we never know what influence our words or actions might have.  So, imagine museum founder and docent Tod Swormstedt’s surprise when he received this email – ironically on the 4th of July.

Hopefully you remember me, my wife (Deb) and I visited you at your old location a couple of years ago. You sent us down to Terry’s Turf Club to check his place out and have a burger,  That was a major turning point in our life!!! Which I thank you for!!
From that point the seed had been planted to start up our own version of Terry’s here in Melbourne, Australia, To cut a long story short I ended up buying a factory setting up my sign business out front and fitted out our burger place at the rear.
We’ve been open only 9 weeks and people are having to book to get a table on the weekends already! They love the old signs and unique atmosphere and the burgers are sensational. We have a website, Facebook page and are getting great reviews on urbanspoon
I’ve attached a couple of pics of the venue to give you an idea of the place.We’re already starting to think about opening up a second “Fat Bob’s” and might one day soon travel back to the USA on a buying excursion seeking out old enamel and illuminated / neon signs any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Congratulations!!! From what I see on your web site it looks like things are going great
I will return one day to visit the museum and shake your hand and thank you in person.
Bob Pankhurst

Congratulations, Bob, on realizing what you wanted to do – and doing it!  We wish you every success and look forward to seeing you again.  Would that we could come for visit and a burger at Fat Bob’s.  Who knows, maybe you’ve influenced us to travel to Australia someday!  In the meantime, we’re thrilled to share your story and your pictures.

Welcome to Fat Bob's

Welcome to Fat Bob’s





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  1. kathy wright says:

    Great places bring great people together! Congrats to both!!!

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