A Sign Waits in Brooklyn…

20 January
Crown Deli - Brooklyn

Thanks to Jeff Friedman and the gang at Let There Be Neon, we have acquired a one-time Brooklyn icon—the Crown Deli sign. The sign was taken down by Aron Fixler, Boro Park Signs of Brooklyn, and offered to the museum as a donation, but the donor had no place to store it.

We contacted our old buddy at Let There Be Neon to see if he could come to the rescue; Crown Deli
that is, retrieve the sign and store it until the weather breaks this spring and we could make the drive east to pick it up. And come to the rescue is just what he did. Jeff
confirmed the porcelain enamel sign was in excellent condition, except for broken neon.

According to a 2012 Lost New York City blog post by Brooks of Sheffield, “The deli at 4909 13th Avenue, was one of many businesses owned by the wealthy Orthodox Jewish Rubashkin family. It was run by Rivka Rabashkin, wife of family patriarch Aaron. Founded in 1960, it had a reputation not as a going concern, but as a sort of soup kitchen, with Rivka feeding for free anybody who was hungry…  The place had a great neon sign… The metal support is still there, and now holds up a gelato sign [for the new business now in residence].

Thanks to both Aron and Jeff, the Crown Deli sign will live on.

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