CoSign II?

6 February

Last year, some very motivated community leaders, business owners, artists, fabricators, and financial backers came together to enhance a Cincinnati neighborhood’s business district with new signage. In the process, museum staff– most notably founder Tod Swormstedt– played a major role in educating these folks on the value of good signage, design, and the process of permitting, fabricating, installing, and celebrating signs. The project,¬† called CoSign, culminated with an unveiling and celebration of eleven new signs in the neighborhood of Northside, Cincinnati on Black Friday. See the signs and read about it here.

We are proud to have participated in the CoSign Pilot Project this past year and look forward to continuing what we started with another round in 2013. We are currently in the running for a grant through ArtPlace, an organization supporting exactly this kind of project. Keep your fingers crossed!

CoSign Project
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  1. […] looking forward to CoSign II, our working title for the next chapter of CoSign,¬†bringing together local stakeholders to learn […]

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