Sign Up for the Annex Challenge

In 2015 the American Sign Museum celebrated its 10th year open to the public and our 3rd year in our permanent home at the Machine Flats complex in Camp Washington.

We continue to have much to celebrate.  We also have more to do to grow the museum.  20,000 square feet of museum space known affectionately as the Annex holds the potential to double the size of museum, and it’s time to realize that potential.  It will take a lot of work and – as you might expect – a lot of money.  Here are the details:

 Phase One: Securing the Annex

  • Immediate emergency replacement of a heavily damaged section of the roof and remediation of environmental issues related to water leakage.   Cost: $150,000
  • Follow-up replacement of the balance of the Annex roof, including siding over the original windows of the second tier, new gutters, downspouts, etc.  Cost: $175,000

We received a very generous $150,000 donation to immediately replace the critically damaged section of the Annex roof.  And now we have the additional $175,000 needed to complete the job.  Anticipated completion date: Spring, 2016.  

Phase Two: Interior Build-out of Annex

  • Demolition and removal of existing mechanicals as well as the mezzanine
  • Pressure washing, and sealing and/or painting existing brick and wood/metal structures
  • Demolition of floor and pouring of new slab, including staining and stamping of “cobblestone” areas
  • Design and installation of new electrical system, including basic lighting
  • Design and installation of new HVAC system
  • Design and installation of new plumbing for kitchen addition and new restrooms
  • Framing and drywall of basic walls

Total cost: $1,800,000

Phase Three: Build-out of Interior Displays and Storefronts.  This is the fun part.

  • Design and construction of office space – including a library to house the museum’s archives of images, books, and documents
  • Design and construction of exhibit areas
  • Installation of signs
  • Design and construction of rest rooms and expanded kitchen facilities

Total cost: $1,100,000

Total Challenge:  $3,225,000.  We’ve done it before.  With your help we can do it again.  We hope you’ll join us on our continuing journey and support our vision of doubling your fun at the American Sign Museum.